Welcome The Ultimate Indulgence with VERTU’S Ai Phone

Prepare for a giant-leap mobile experience as the VERTU’s Ai Phone enters the arena, taking the future of innovation and luxury to a completely new level. Hurry up and place your pre-order as you would not want to be left behind and miss out on this ​masterpiece.

Unparalleled Connectivity

The VERTU Ai Phone is enabled to work with the bandwidths that are available and that is why you can easily connect to networks seamlessly whether you are located at home or elsewhere. With NR:SAT, NAT, TFD, FDDT, UTMS, GSMN, and DACA compatibility, you will never miss any call or contact with someone. To be in a city or traveling, feel rest assured about speedy connections.

Powerful Performance

To meet high performance requirements VERTU Ai Phone is equipped with the latest Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 8 Gen2+ platform which gives long intensive work as well as efficient battery life. Experience no hiccups or glitches as you effortlessly switch between apps, load ones quickly, and easily navigate around. With 12GB RAM(LPDDR5X) + 512GB ROM you won’t need to delete your apps, photos, or videos which you may like to save.

Stunning Display

The 1. One of the impressive features of the phone is the 5K 1260×2800 OLED 120Hz display that offers a superb viewing experience. Another notable feature of the phone is the Flexible 2D straight screen which gives the phone a sleek and contemporary look. Get into the flow of hosts of colors, sharp texts, and breath-taking scenes. The 6. The 78 inch for Amazon fills up the purpose of enjoyment of movies, web browsing, or gaming too.

Exceptional Camera

A quad-camera arrangement has a prime camera setup of 35mm 50M, 50M wide angle AF, 8M OIS Telephoto, and multi-spectrum sensors organized in rows and capture beautiful images with ease. The panoramas, contours or portraits, every photo a creation. The 1-inch thick outsole with the 16MP front camera makes it possible to capture selfies and video calls with crystal clear details.

Long-Lasting Battery

5100 mAh (Typ) capacity ensures the phone to deliver all-day`s power, while with its 65W Fast charging feature, battery is fully recharged whenever needed. Let the movements of days stop bothering; use a single day for the fullest possible experience without fretting about preserving power. The USB Type-C 3. Fit in (GEN1) and nano, as slots for charging and connectivity are designed.

Additional Features

Flexible 2D straight screen

USB Type-C 3. 1(GEN1)

Nano + nano slots

Experience the Ultimate Luxury

The shockingly beautiful VERTU Ai Phone stands tall as the industry’s benchmark for the perfect combination of luxury and technology. Thanks to the innovative built-in antivirus system, the unique design, and its ingenious craftsmanship, this phone is going to grab a lot of attention. It’s a miss to own this magnificent piece of technology, don’t you think? Join us at the VERTU Ai Phone launch today and you will have the chance to see how luxury and innovation meet!

Final Thought

The VERTU AI BYO is not just a Flip smartphone, it is a complete experience. Its design is made sleek and the display is dazzlingly beautiful, with all of its features being the latest and greatest. This phone is the revolution in communication, work and play. Remember not to lose this opportunity to have one of the most amazing technological items. Secure your spot now because the journey into the ultimate in luxury and innovation is just ahead.


Q: It is the key to know what operating system is VERTU Ai Phone.

A: Android 12

Q: What is the cost of such a phone? Has the headphone port been removed?

A: Nope, however it has its own earbuds of USB-C type.

Q: Does the phone possess resistance to water or not?

A: Indeed, it is water rip and dust resistant certified.

Q: How long does the battery perform?

A: Up to 2 days of use which is for someone of a normal user.

Q: My laundry is missing and I would like to purchase a washing machine.

A: No, still 512GB is quite enough for about 90% users, though.

Q: Calculating the amount of phone you want to pay?

A: Pricing with a $1,299 entry point.

Q: Will try to inquire about the release date for you.

A: Pre-sales are currently ongoing! March 15th is when you’ll get your orders!

Q: What color does the phone come in stock?

A: Space gray, Aurora green and Pearl white are the colors.

Q: Generally, what kind of security feature phones have fingerprint readers?

A: Absolutely true, be it biometric or fingerprint sensor on the phone.

Q: Is it compatible with 5G networks, or can I use it with such an internet network platform?

A: Yes, it does offer both the sub-6GHz and mmWave 5G network bands

Q: Am I with the right carrier or does this phone compatible with my carrier?

A: You can use this tracker on all carriers worldwide. The details on your phone compatibility vary depending on carriers. Please check with your carrier regarding the device compatibility.

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