Ka Ho Cho: Preserving a Legacy of Love and Laughter

Ka Ho Cho: Preserving a Legacy of Love and Laughter

In the domain of American satire, the name Redd Foxx sparkles splendidly, yet behind each extraordinary man stands a lady of significant importance. Meet Ka Ho Cho, a figure whose excursion entwined with Foxx’s, making a permanent imprint on his inheritance. Go along with us as we dive into the wonderful existence of Ka Ho Cho, uncovering the features that characterize her as something other than a buddy yet a watchman of comedic brightness.

Who is Ka Ho Cho?

Ka Ho Cho is perceived as a critical figure in the domain of American diversion, outstandingly as the spouse of the late comic Redd Foxx. Her process started in Hong Kong and drove her to the US, where she encountered Foxx in Las Vegas. Their marriage in 1976 denoted a urgent second in both their lives, in spite of its curtness because of Foxx’s passing in 1991. Past her job as Foxx’s significant other, Ka Ho Cho has been effectively engaged with safeguarding his comedic inheritance, guaranteeing that his commitments to amusement persevere. Her devotion and flexibility keep on reverberating, making her an eminent figure in the chronicles of satire history.

Ka Ho Cho Biography


Following Redd Foxx’s flight, Ka Ho Cho left on a sincere excursion to maintain his inheritance. Connecting effectively in the conservation of his comedic brightness, she turned into a resolute watchman of his memory, guaranteeing that the world would everlastingly recall his virtuoso. Cho’s resolute responsibility and significant love for her late spouse remained as a strong demonstration of the getting through bond they shared.

Ka Ho Cho Early Life and Education

Ka Ho Cho, a lady of extensive training, holds a degree in business the executives. Utilizing her scholastic foundation, she wandered into the innovative domain, effectively starting and overseeing different organizations, strikingly a progression of flourishing alcohol stores.

Ka Ho Cho Career

Aside from being recognized as Redd Foxx’s life partner, Ka Ho Cho has kept a cover of protection in regards to her own proficient undertakings. Conversely, her better half, Redd Foxx, scratched his name in the chronicles of satire and film. Beginning his parody process around 1939, it picked up speed when vocalist Dinah Washington encouraged him to take the action to Los Angeles. It was at the Metal Rail Club where Dootsie Williams of Dootone Records perceived the brightness of Foxx’s demonstration, making way for his celebrated lifetime.

Ka Ho Cho Personal Life and Family


Ka Ho Cho encountered an unmistakable association with the famous entertainer, Redd Foxx. Their time together was moderately short, traversing an only a brief time before Redd Foxx’s inauspicious flight. Regardless of the quickness, those months were wealthy in shared love and giggling, depicting Ka Ho Cho and Redd Foxx as an excellent and steady team, consistently there for one another. Their interesting association stays permanent. However the length of their fellowship was compact, the affection they developed remains everlastingly scratched in memory. Ka Ho holds dear the minutes they created and the fondness they traded. She is committed to maintaining Redd Foxx’s inheritance, guaranteeing that his memory perseveres. While their conjugal excursion was passing, the effect they left on one another’s lives rises above time. Ka Ho will everlastingly see Redd Foxx as a mindful mate and a splendid comedian. In spite of the quickness, their story radiates bliss and joy, endlessly reverberating with the embodiment of their common love.

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Ka Ho Cho Relationship

Indeed, even despite difficulties, Cho and Foxx’s affection stood steadfast, persevering until the entertainer’s less than ideal end in 1991. Their relationship arose as a guide of motivation, uncovering the strength innate in a gave organization. Post Foxx’s passing, Ka Ho Cho continued giving recognition to his memory. Effectively took part in defending his heritage, she verified that his comedic splendor would persevere in ceaselessness. Cho’s unfaltering responsibility and warmth for her withdrew companion filled in as a piercing demonstration of the persevering through strength of their association.

Ka Ho Cho Net Worth

For those captivated by the tradition of the late entertainer Redd Foxx and his significant other Ka Ho Cho, how about we dive into the subtleties, my companions! First and foremost, how about we investigate Ka Ho Cho’s monetary remaining starting around 2023. Right now, an exact store giving the exact valuation of her monetary worth evades us. Unfortunately, the shortfall of such information wins. In any case, it is inside our perception that she acquired a significant part of Redd Foxx’s abundance resulting to his destruction in the year 1991. At the hour of Redd Foxx’s passing, his ascertainable net resources added up to an expected $3.5 million. Thus, a contemplated surmising would set that Ka Ho Cho by and by orders a total assets serenely dug in the domain of multimillions.


  • Early Life and Background: Born in Seoul, South Korea, in 1959. Details about her birth month and day are unclear. She moved to the United States during her formative years.
  • Meeting Redd Foxx: Crossed paths with Redd Foxx while working as a dancer in Las Vegas. Married Redd Foxx in 1976, becoming his fourth wife.
  • Life with Redd Foxx: Shared a unique and supportive relationship with Redd Foxx until his passing in 1991. Despite a brief marriage of three months, their bond was characterized by love and laughter.
  • Education and Career: Holds a degree in business management. Ventured into entrepreneurship, managing successful liquor stores.
  • Family: Raised in a loving and humorous family in South Korea. Close bond with her brothers, who are her confidants.
  • Legacy Preservation: Actively involved in preserving Redd Foxx’s comedic legacy after his death. Her commitment to upholding his memory is a testament to their enduring connection.


What is Ka Ho Cho’s full name? 

Ka Ho Cho, also known as Ka Ho Foxx.

When and where was Ka Ho Cho born? 

Born in Seoul, South Korea, in 1959. The exact date remains undisclosed.

What is known about Ka Ho Cho’s educational background? 

Ka Ho Cho holds a degree in business management, which she utilized to drive her entrepreneurial ventures.

Did Ka Ho Cho have children? 

Ka Ho Cho considers Debraca Denise Foxx, Redd Foxx’s stepdaughter, as her own, illustrating a deep familial bond.

What is Ka Ho Cho net worth? 

Her precise net worth is unknown, but it is speculated to be in the multimillions due to inheriting a significant portion of Redd Foxx’s wealth.


Ka Ho Cho life is a testament to resilience, love, and dedication. From her early days in Seoul to her impactful role alongside Redd Foxx in Las Vegas and beyond, she has left an indelible mark on the world of American comedy. Despite the brevity of their marriage, her commitment to preserving Foxx’s legacy showcases her unwavering loyalty and admiration. As she continues to navigate life post-Foxx, Ka Ho Cho stands as a symbol of strength and enduring love, ensuring that his comedic genius remains cherished for generations to come.

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