Harold Ford Jr. Net Worth: A Legacy of Leadership in American Politics

Harold Ford Jr. Net Worth: A Legacy of Leadership in American Politics

Harold Passage, Jr. has most certainly become well known in American legislative issues, however with regards to his financial balance, he’s sitting quite serenely with a net worth of $3 million. Brought into the world in 1970 in Memphis, Tennessee, Harold grew up encompassed by legislative issues. His father, Harold Portage, Sr., was a Representative, so you could say it was in his blood.

Harold Passage, Jr. is an incredible American example of overcoming adversity. Brought into the world in 1970 in Memphis, Tennessee, he fundamentally had governmental issues in his blood from the very first moment. His father, Harold Passage, Sr., was a Senator, so you could say Harold Jr. was bound for a daily existence in governmental issues.

He went to the College of Pennsylvania, earning his education in American history, and afterward dove straight into the political world, beginning as a staff member in the Senate Financial plan Council. From that point forward, he leaped to the U.S. Division of Trade. However, Harold had greater plans. He made a beeline for the College of Michigan Graduate school and got his J.D. in 1996.

Who is Harold Ford Jr


Harold Portage Jr. is an eminent figure in American governmental issues, naturally introduced to a family with a solid political foundation. His dad, Harold Portage Sr., was a previous Representative, impacting Passage Jr’s. initial openness to legislative issues.

Harold Ford Jr. Early Life

Harold Portage Jr. is a legislator hailing from Memphis, Tennessee, brought into the world on May 11, 1970. Presently at 53 years of age, he’s had a remarkable excursion, molded by his Tennessee roots.

Growing up as a child of Tennessee, legislative issues was essentially in Harold’s DNA. With his family profoundly dug in the political scene, Harold fostered an energy for it from the beginning. From that point, he followed the way into legislative issues, becoming perhaps of the most noticeable liberal in America.

His old neighborhood of Memphis has been an undaunted ally all through his vocation. Harold’s political excursion has been absolutely amazing, set apart by critical achievements. He addressed Tennessee’s ninth legislative locale for five terms, a demonstration of the trust and regard Memphians have for him. Harold Portage Jr. genuinely makes a big difference to his old neighborhood.

Harold Ford Jr Age


Harold Passage Jr. is at present 53 years of age, brought into the world on May 11, 1970, solidly in the core of Memphis, Tennessee. Furthermore, brace yourself for what I’m about to tell you, at 53, he’s actually areas of strength for going his political profession.

He’s not one to simply enjoy the moment. Beginning around 1997, Harold has been energetically addressing Memphians in Tennessee’s eighth legislative area. In any case, he doesn’t stop there. He’s likewise vigorously engaged with public help, filling in as a board part and counsel for various philanthropic associations.

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Harold Ford Jr. Nationality and Ethnicity

Harold Passage Jr. is an American lawmaker of African-American drop, and his legacy has been a main thrust in his political excursion. It’s not just about his experience; it’s about the energy and responsibility it imparts in him to be a voice for minorities and drive change through social liberties drives.

Being an ethnic minority himself, Harold figures out the significance of portrayal in, influential places. He’s devoted to guaranteeing that networks confronting segregation are heard as well as addressed across the US.

For Harold, governmental issues isn’t tied in with making divisions; it’s tied in with encouraging advancement. He trusts in involving legislative issues as a device for positive change, all while perceiving the significance of his own experience and race. It’s tied in with utilizing his personality to significantly impact everybody.

Harold Ford Jr. Wife


Harold Passage Jr’s. own life mirrors his obligation to both family and public help. Hitched to Emily Threlkeld beginning around 2008, their relationship fills in as a groundwork of help and strength. Together, they are glad guardians to their girl, Georgia Passage. In spite of the requests of his political profession, Passage stays committed to investing quality energy with his loved ones. Whether it’s getting a charge out of comfortable ends of the week or going to local area occasions together, Harold Passage Jr. values the minutes imparted to his friends and family. Past his family, Passage is known for his energy for wellness and sound living, frequently seen keeping a functioning way of life through different games and open air exercises. In his margin time, he appreciates loosening up with a decent book or investigating new side interests. In spite of the spotlight of governmental issues, Harold Portage Jr. keeps a grounded and adjusted way to deal with life, valuing the unique interactions and encounters that genuinely matter.

Harold Ford Jr. Height

Harold Passage Jr. is an American government official remaining at 5 feet 10 inches (1.8 meters) tall. His actual appearance assumes a critical part in his public picture, assisting him with introducing himself as dependable and fair to his constituents.

With his athletic edge and a level of 1.8 meters, Harold oozes strength and dependability, characteristics that have for some time been related with legislators both broadly and universally. In the high-pressure universe of legislative issues, keeping a good overall arrangement among exercise and diet is pivotal for everybody, except particularly for somebody like Portage.

Harold Ford Jr. Career


Harold is genuinely a pioneer in American legislative issues, impacting the world forever as the primary African American to hold a legislative seat while his dad served in the Popularity based Republic. He didn’t stop there however; Harold proceeded to become one of the most achieved U.S. Agents of all time.

After his time in legislative issues, Harold changed gears and presently fills in as the money overseeing chief and political examination columnist for Fox News. It’s great to perceive what he keeps on making a mean for even after his political vocation.

Harold Ford Jr. Parents


Harold Portage Sr. also, Dorothy Bowles Passage, who were both persuasive figures in Tennessee legislative issues. Harold Passage Sr. filled in as a Representative, addressing Tennessee’s ninth legislative region, and his contribution in governmental issues profoundly impacted his child’s profession way. Dorothy Bowles Passage, Harold Jr’s. mom, assumed a huge part in his childhood, imparting in him upsides of administration and local area commitment. Together, Harold Portage Jr’s. folks gave a strong climate that supported his advantage in broad daylight administration and governmental issues. Their inheritance keeps on moving him as he explores his own political excursion and promoters for individuals of Tennessee.

Why is Harold Ford Jr So Famous?

Harold Passage Jr. rose to unmistakable quality through various effective re-appointment missions to Congress and his persuasive job inside the Progressive faction. Eminent for his moderate political position, he’s been a central participant in urgent decisions on significant issues, including the Iraq War and monetary regulation.


  • Early Life: Harold Ford Jr. was born on May 11, 1970, in Memphis, Tennessee, to Harold Ford Sr. and Dorothy Bowles Ford.
  • Political Legacy: He comes from a family deeply involved in politics; his father, Harold Ford Sr., served as a Congressman, representing Tennessee’s 9th congressional district.
  • Education: Ford graduated with a degree in American history from the University of Pennsylvania before earning his law degree from the University of Michigan.
  • Congressional Career: At the age of 26, Harold Ford Jr. became the youngest African American ever elected to Congress when he won a seat in Tennessee’s 9th congressional district in 1996. He served for five terms, from 1997 to 2007.
  • Moderate Stance: Ford is known for his moderate political views, often willing to work across party lines on various issues.
  • Key Votes: During his time in Congress, Ford made significant votes on various issues, including supporting the Iraq War and economic legislation like the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act.
  • Post-Political Career: After leaving politics, Ford worked as a professor at several universities and held positions in finance, including working for Morgan Stanley.
  • Personal Life: Harold Ford Jr. is married to Emily Threlkeld, and they have a daughter named Georgia Ford.
  • Media Career: Ford has been a commentator and political analyst for various media outlets, including MSNBC and Fox News.


Who is Harold Ford Jr.?

Harold Ford Jr. is an American politician and former Congressman from Tennessee.

When was Harold Ford Jr. born?

Harold Ford Jr. was born on May 11, 1970, in Memphis, Tennessee.

What is Harold Ford Jr.’s political affiliation?

Harold Ford Jr. is a member of the Democratic Party.

What is Harold Ford Jr.’s educational background?

Ford graduated with a degree in American history from the University of Pennsylvania. He later earned his law degree from the University of Michigan.

What political positions has Harold Ford Jr. held?

Harold Ford Jr. served as a Congressman, representing Tennessee’s 9th congressional district for five terms, from 1997 to 2007.

What are some key votes or actions Harold Ford Jr. is known for?

Ford is known for his moderate political views and his votes on issues like the Iraq War and economic legislation, such as the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act.

Is Harold Ford Jr. still active in politics?

While he is no longer serving in Congress, Harold Ford Jr. remains active in politics as a commentator and political analyst for various media outlets.


Harold Ford Jr. has left a significant mark on American politics through his distinguished career as a Congressman, his advocacy work, and his continued involvement in public discourse. Born into a family deeply rooted in Tennessee politics, Ford’s upbringing instilled in him a passion for public service and a commitment to making a difference in his community. As the youngest African American ever elected to Congress, Ford broke barriers and became a voice for moderation and bipartisanship during his time in office. While his political career has transitioned, Ford’s influence continues as a commentator and analyst, where he provides valuable insights into today’s political landscape. Through it all, Harold Ford Jr. remains dedicated to his family, his values, and his belief in the power of politics to create positive change.

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